Using local police to enforce federal immigration law is unconstitutional

Attorney General Sessions is trying to force towns and cities to use their local police to enforce federal immigration law. This is unconstitutional, will interfere with local police work to improve public safety, and damage the relationship between police and communities.

To help these municipalities the RI ACLU has shared a model ordinance empowering police and other local authorities to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in limited, constitutional and legal ways. Immigration status will not be disclosed to ICE unless there is evidence of criminal activity. (Immigration offenses are civil, not criminal offenses.)

You can help protect your community by asking your local elected officials to adopt this model ordinance, and asking your local police chief to support its adoption.

Here’s what to do:

  • Download a sample letter, or write your own asking your municipal council to adopt an ordinance to protect your police force from unconstitutional requests from ICE
  • Download the summary of the model ordinance and ACLU letter to all RI municipalities
  • Print three copies of your letter and the summary/ACLU letter for the model ordinance
  • Send one copy of these two documents to your Mayor or Council President, send one copy to the Councilor in the municipal electoral ward or district where you live, and send one copy to your local Police Chief.
  • Or, call these officials, explain why you’re calling, and ask them to adopt the ordinance.

Use these links to do it:

What to send:  A letter (View the sample letter) to your elected officials (Mayor or Council President, your Councilor) and Police Chief. (Download it to edit and print as Microsoft Word or as a text file to copy and paste into any other word processor). Or you can write your own letter.

Where to send your letter:

Names and addresses of mayor or council president, police chief and councilors for your city or town:

(View in browser, or download as Microsoft Excel file)

If you’d rather call or email your officials, click here.

What to enclose with your letters:

Enclose a summary of the model ordinance and a copy of the letter RI ACLU sent to all municipalities in RI in March (View, download and print from your browser)

Please help protect our Constitutional rights by downloading the letter, editing it to your liking, and sending copies to your Mayor or Council President, your Councilor and your Police Chief.

Thank You.

Other useful information:

For your reference:

The full text of the model ordinance.

More detailed contact info for some municipalities: Governor Raimondo’s site for links to each municipalities’ website where you may be able to find out who is the councilor for your ward or district, along with their phone number. (

Rhode Island ACLU website (